The IRRICON G100 Continuous Logging Probe is a multilevel soil, water content and temperature logging device. This progressive, newly upgraded probe takes readings on 5 adjustable depths at hourly intervals, before storing these readings online.

About our pioneering Scheduling System

Data can be viewed and analysed by logging into your account on your website. Here you can interpret the soil water content and temperature readings. All data is stored online and the history can easily be accessed by selecting the dates you would like to see. With the use of this accurate information, informed irrigation decisions can be made and implemented.

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Key features

Easy access

The mobile, tablet and desktop friendly online system is easily accessible from anywhere in the world.


A user-friendly dashboard showing the main activity and providing an overview of the most important data.

Multiple satellite images

Multiple satellite images giving you a view of all the probes installed on your farm(s).

Combined graph

Combined graph of all 5 moisture levels in the soil showing the field capacity, moisture reading and let lower limit.

Various other graphs

○ Temperature reading graph for each depth level.
○ Scheduling depth graph
○ Moisture level graph
○ Buffer graph

Recommendations screen

Showing the average soil moisture based on up to date readings and calculations received from the probe every hour.

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About the IRRICON G100
Continuous Logging Probe

The IRRICON G100 Continuous Logging Probes guarantee accuracy and reliability as they are temperature compensated. Our service is affordable, intelligent and easy to use and have proven their reliability in the field. Root zone management is made accurate, affordable and effective.

The continuous readings show the events that could never be seen with the conventional monitoring devices.

Key features and benefits

• Prevents over and under watering and unnecessary crop stress
• Promotes root development
• Creates ideal air - water balance
• Improves fertilizer uptake
• Optimizes salinity management
• Saves on energy costs
• Facilitates crop manipulation
• Manages soil water buffer


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